The President of Catalonia, Mr. Artur Mas, inaugurates the new Macsa plant in Sant Joan

•    This expansion, which has meant an investment of about 700.000 €, will allow the company from Manresa tripling its production capacity of coding and marking equipments.
•    The MACSA dynamic laser is a world new development and it has been patented in Europe, USA and Japan.

•    The forecasted turnover for 2011 is 22 million €, which means an increase of 18% compared to 2010.

Mr. Artur Mas has inaugurated today the MACSA I.D. plant in  Sant Joan de Vilatorrada. The inauguration consisted of a meeting with the board of management of this family-runned business located in Manresa. After this meeting the President of the Catalan government Generalitat has officially inaugurated the new plant by unveiling a commemorative plate.

With this new plant, the company, whose forecasted turnover for 2011 is 22 million €, counts with more than 5.000 sqm dedicated to laser coding and marking. The investment for the new plant has been around 700.000 € and, according to Macsa’s CEO, Mr. Jordi Piñot, “will allow tripling the production capacity”. Besides, he has remarked that the reason for this new plant is the “wish of rationalizing the processes and achieve production synergies to get a still better quality in our product ranges and services”.
According to Mr. Piñot, this expansion has made possible the fact of moving “from a workshop - type production system to batch production, which will provide capacity increase and cost reduction”. The new plant has also implied creating 14 new positions as well as 8 training grantees through University agreements.

MACSA has implemented some “advanced production tools related to Lean, like the Kanban supplying in the lines”, as stated by Jordi Piñot. The Manresa based company, which is the only Spanish laser marking manufacturing company and the first company in the world having developed a coding dynamic laser for production lines, has now a potential production capacity of 2.000 lasers by shift.

MACSA ID economical data
MACSA, which provides coding and marking solutions, has achieved a market share over the 10% in the world and it has grown to currently become one of the most important companies in the technological sector of traceability and coding. According to the last available data, in 2010 Macsa grew an 85% internationally compared to 2009.
Nowadays, the export business represents the 49% of the total sales volume. These extraordinary results have been possible due to the high penetration on the South Asian countries such as South Korea, China and Australia - where MACSA has achieved first class agreements with companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai – and to the solid position that MACSA represents in the main European countries.

Macsa closed the year 2010 with sales volume figures which represent an increase of a 38% in relation to the results achieved in 2009. According to Jordi Piñot, CEO of MACSA, “the International expansion and the constant investment in investigation for the development of new owned –design technological products are the key of these satisfactory results”.

Part of this growth is taking place in the traditional market of MACSA, which is marking in the packaging sector. However, there is an increasing demand coming from other segments like the industrial marking. In order to accelerate the presence in the industrial market, MACSA has opened two new offices in Mexico and Singapore. Furthermore the product range of products designed for this specific market segment has also been reinforced (Nano series, iBOX, Green Laser –this laser being exclusively designed for the aeronautic sector, semi-conductors and glass and solar-cell marking).




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