Macsa Laser, the specialist laser coding and marking company, has released new software for its Flymark range of small character laser coding systems. This software can increase coding speeds and enhances code quality on transparent substrates.

Flymark lasers are used for coding onto primary packaging and for other small character applications. The speed at which they operate and the quality of the codes which they deliver are determined by the Scandos software which they use. Macsa Laser has released Scandos version 1.6 which enables these lasers to code using Crystal Font.

Crystal Font is the result of marrying the high-energy dots of dot matrix coding with the print quality associated with a steered beam laser. This can result in increased operating speeds because the laser beam can move more quickly between adjacent dots without being required to code the line between them.

by David Jenkins,
Director of MACSA laser,
Macsa ID, SA

Crystal Font is specially suitable for marking onto PET
This font delivers another important benefit. When it is used by a Flymark laser to code onto PET or other transparent substrate it results in a code which is more easily visible because of the way that the dots formed increase the number of reflecting surfaces within the substrate.

PET is the number one substrate in the manufacture of packaging for fluids; it has experienced significant growth in the last two years and it is chosen by bottling companies because of its low cost, low weight, compression capability and breakage resistance.

Flymark lasers are class-leading products and this development reflects Macsa’s response to a key development in its markets. Crystal Font increases the operating window of Flymark lasers and enables them to better support demand for laser coding at companies which use PET bottles to package their products.

Using Crystal Font to mark onto this polymer results in clear and sharply defined, easy to read characters and so provides bottling companies with quality marking that can contribute to consumer perceptions of their brands.

Macsa Laser markets, designs, develops and engineers and supplies laser coding and marking equipment and related accessories, software and service and training products. It sells through a network of specialist distributors to end-user customers and OEMs in several industries. Its end-user customers range from small single site companies to larger companies who may be members of multi-site or international groups.

These customers use Macsa lasers to enable them to comply with coding regulations, to manage their supply chains and to protect their brands. Some customers also use Macsa lasers to add value to their products by marking, shaping or, in some other way, altering them.

For more information about Macsa Laser products please visit our web-site at www.macsa.asia, email us onpbolzani@macsa.es or call Paula Bolzani on +34 93873 8798.

Author Information - David Jenkins
Director of Macsa Laser

David Jenkins is Director of Macsa Laser, a business unit of Macsa ID, SA. Before joining Macsa in 2003 he worked in Marketing Director positions at Linx and Willett. David describes himself as an industrial marketing specialist and is passionate about the role that marketing can play in industrial products.

At Macsa Laser David Jenkins is responsible for ensuring that it can compete successfully with larger companies in its sector. He is confident that it can do this because of the strength of its technology and of its distributor partners. And of course the power of its marketing!




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