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Date Week : 48

In 1882 Pharmacist P. Beiersdorf established the company which now carries his name. In the course of the following 20 years it achieved international name ecognition and established respresentative offices and affiliates on all containers of the world. Today, the number of its internation affiliates has increased to 144. The firm is respresented in all important segements with its three global brands Nivea, Eucerin, and La Prairie. Its mission is to provide its customers with compelling, innovative products and excellent product quality.

BDF Nivea in Madrid has recently been looking for an alternative coding supplier. It has been marking with inkjet printer but decided to replace them and use laser marking systems.

BDF Nivea needed to find a more versatile solution for printing codes on its products. Its needs was to mark directly on polypropylene bottles at 300 units per minute.

Macsa presented first its Flymark 30 Watts CO2 Laser. Full satisfied, with its choice, BDF Nivea decided to complete another line with the purchase of a K-1060  super high speed laser system.
The Macsa K-1060 super high speed is the solution for marking products at super high speed with very clear messages and at minmal operation costs. The products are marked with a high quality and guarantee permanent and accurate identification.

Madrid (SPAIN)


Distributor : MACSA
Application : Shampoo Bottles
Susbstrate : Polypropylene
Laser System : K-1060 SHS

"Our aim is to fulfill our customer’ss needs and wishes. For this reason, we are really pleased with this solution. The Macsa K-1060 series laser system has turned into an essential tool for our production line. We are satisfied with this partnership which has allowed us to have high quality codes and meet our production requirements. We found Macsa was listening to us. We were looking for a fast printing and that is what Macsa lasers have given to us". 

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